Presentations and awards


The conference abstract booklet are now ready to download. This will contain details of the authors, their co-authors and their presentations. The lead-authors’ names are linked to their institutional profile page, so click on the links if you are interested in their research.

Some researchers have elected to include their poster presentations in a post-conference booklet. This will be available on this page shortly after the conference.


Six awards were awarded to conference submissions. The Critical Choice Awards are judged by a panel of experts from an array of scientific disciplines. The Popular Choice Awards will be a result of votes by students from cohorts 1, 2 and 3. The judging criteria will be available in the conference programme.

Following the completion of the conference, we are pleased to announce the following winners of the following prizes:

Award Name Presentation Title
Critical Choice Award: Cohort 1 oral presentation Alexander Steele Modelling the Structural Evolution of Campi Flegrei’s Shallow Magmatic System
Critical Choice Award: Cohort 2 oral presentation Jennifer Quye-Sawyer The changing topography of the Western Mediterranean
Critical Choice Award: Cohort 1 poster presentation Dylan Smith Investigating pesticide effects on bumblebee brain morphology and the consequent impacts on behaviour
Critical Choice Award: Cohort 2 poster presentation Hannah Norman Next Generation Pollen Sequencing From Syrphid Flies
Mattia Mancini Modelling complexity in coupled human natural systems
Popular Choice Award: oral presentation Dan Mills The ecological impacts and environmental challenges of a new invasive species in UK rivers: the Quagga Mussel (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis)
Popular Choice Award: poster presentation Simon Maxwell The quality of the early hominin fossil record: is knowledge improving?