The SSCP DTP and London NERC DTP are two PhD training programmes funded by Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). Both Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) conduct research within the NERC remit but operate slightly differently – as do all DTPs.

Established in October 2014, each year a new group of PhD students commence their research within the DTP framework. The DTPs welcomed their first intakes (cohort) of PhD students, Cohort 1. Since then, an additional intake of students arrived in 2015 (Cohort 2).

On the verge of welcoming their third intake of PhD students in the Autumn of 2016 (Cohort 3), and with a collective DTP cohort at the 130 mark, September 2016 presents itself as a prime opportunity to showcase the breadth of environmental research that has already been undertaken.

From Ecosystem resilience in Southern Siberia and forecasting events related to large volcanic calderas, to water-energy interactions in sustainable cities and pathogen transmission between wildlife and livestock; the DTP cohorts are pushing the boundaries of scientific understanding and policy interpretations.

It’s these perspectives on environmental change that the first and second cohorts will present upon in either an oral or poster form at the conference over the two days.

Both DTPs are supported by NERC and core partners, and hosted at a number of institutions, these are:




This website is no longer being updated with information regularly. Should you have any questions, please get in touch with the Conference Committee or the DTP management teams for more information on the 2016 conference or other DTP related content.

PhD topic phrases

Just a selection of the vast array of topics which the students are researching